Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey

Sweets for my sweet

Growing up my Mom used to tell us that too many sweets gives you rotten teeth. I always knew too much sugar wasn’t good for you. But it was only when I started reading about nutrition and cancer I learnt how bad sugar really is. According to research, many diseases, and not just cancer, are directly related to overconsumption of sugar. The body still relies on sugar for energy but the issue is the source of that energy. Processed foods such as white sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta and concentrated fruit juices can be described as “dirty fuel” for the body. These less nutritious carbohydrates can upset our blood sugar balance and can create an acidic and inflamed environment for disease in the body or specifically cancer cells. It is worth mentioning that fructose is the worst form of sugar that is damaging to your body.

To reduce your sugar intake choose foods with a lower glycaemic index. These are foods that are in their natural state. The more processed the food is, the higher the glycaemic index will be.

For those with an insatiable sweet tooth there are also alternative natural substitutes for white sugar that can be used. These are agave nectar, acacia honey, xylitol, stevia and coconut sugar. These should still be used in moderation as they still remain high calorie foods which will result in weight gain.

Giving up sugar completely can be challenging. Making small changes can make a difference. Eating less processed foods, decreasing teaspoons of sugar in hot drinks and replacing fizzy drinks with water will all pave the way to a healthier body.


  1. 30th April 2017 / 11:00 AM

    My fianc√© was concerned about my sugar intake when we moved together. One of his colleagues died in two days because of diabetes, so he was scared I would do the same (I guess). But since we live together, I replaced progressively fizzy drinks by water, now I only drink Fanta when we go to the restaurant (not often). As for candies, well… I try to limit as much as I can.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • whatudidntknow
      30th April 2017 / 4:38 PM

      Hi Estelle, glad my post was a reminder for you on why too much sugar is not a good thing!

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