Planning a home renovation

Planning a home renovation

When it comes to taking on a home renovation project, you will fall into one of two groups: people that can afford a project manager and people who will need to self project manage. This post is an attempt to help those that fall into the latter group.

First you will need to establish what you’d like to do and then analyze all the associated details as best as possible. For example, does renovating a bedroom mean only painting the walls and changing the light fixtures? Or does it mean in addition to the previous 2 points; recarpeting, replacing the skirting and removing the wallpaper?

Also check out websites such as Pinterest and Houzz for renovation inspiration.

Get a notebook to make a list of all these requirements. Use this notebook to document your ideas, questions, calculations, measurements, thoughts, issues and costs. You will then be able to refer to this when dealing with tradesmen.

Once you’ve established your requirements and your budget, you’ll have an idea of whether you need to do some of the work yourself or to hire a tradesman. We were concerned about possibly hiring a tradesman that turns out to be a cowboy builder. Consequently I found the following sites where you can find local tradesmen that have been verified and reviewed to reduce the possibility of this:

Get a duplicate book to keep a record of payments to tradesmen. Most tradesmen prefer to be paid by cash.

If possible, try to buy your fittings and supplies in advance. If you’re trying to save money then take advantage of sales and search for voucher codes if you’re buying online. We were amazed at the number of times things were damaged or incorrect and had to be returned and replaced!?!!

Buy a sturdy tape measure of at least 5m as everything comes down to the measurements. Depending on the size of your renovation and if you’re demolishing walls, it may be handy to use software that can help you visualize the results.

Renovation dust and particles can clog up your vacuum cleaner and eventually kill it. If you’re planning to have a lot of renovation work done it’s worth buying a cheap vacuum cleaner to use instead of your normal home vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust.

Make use of plastic sheeting around doors to reduce the amount of dust entering rooms.

Always use protective clothing and equipment when necessary such as gloves, protective glasses and masks.

Managing a home renovation project is hard work. It is highly possible that the project will take longer and cost more than you expect. But it will all be worth it in the end 🙂

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