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Painting straight lines 1
Painting straight lines 2

Yes, can you believe I am still talking about painting!?!? Who would have thought there would be so much to say about paint and painting? In my previous posts I spoke about choosing paint colours and the types of paint and paint finishes. This post will however be a rather short post about painting straight lines as I unfortunately do not have any photos documenting the process. If you’ve ever tried to paint the edge of the wall between the ceiling and the top of the wall you will know exactly how difficult it can be to paint a straight neat line. I wanted to share the site that showed us a great method on how to paint straight lines using painters tape and clear caulk. Check out this site for the steps I followed:

Another lesson I learnt from this home renovation process is that “when there’s a way, there’s a will” (and yes I know I’ve swopped the proverb around 😉 ). I was more inclined to follow through on a task when I knew what I was doing thanks to tips from websites like the one above 🙂

What tips did you follow to paint a straight line? Please feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience.

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