Window Treatments: No drill, no screw blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Choosing fittings, furnishings and decor is definitely the more fun part of a home renovation project. When it came to choosing window treatments I was again amazed at the amount of choice available. As budget was a factor, I wanted to take both style and cost into consideration. This is a short post about the blinds we discovered.

Whilst researching window treatments my handyman husband came across “no drill, no screw” blinds. As he was the one that was going to be installing all the window treatments in our house this solution worked perfectly. These blinds are available in Venetian, pleated and roller styles. The pleated blinds are also available in a thermal material that can save on heating bills by retaining heat in winter. It is extremely easy to put together and fit. We chose these blinds for our kitchen and dining room. It suits these rooms perfectly as it takes up less space on the window sill and gives a smarter neater finish.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

How do “No drill, no screw” blinds work?

These made to measure blinds are designed for UPVC windows and doors and are used extensively in conservatories. The blinds are attached to the double glazed window without drilling or screwing into the window frame. This works by fitting the blind into a frame attached to the window with brackets which slide between the glass and the rubber glazing bead. The frame fits flush up against the window so there are no gaps down the sides of the blind providing more privacy. This unique blind system enables the blinds to move with the windows or doors when opening and closing. I’m not sure how easily available these blinds are globally but they are available in the UK and the US. Check out this site for more info:

My reason for writing this post is that we didn’t know these sort of blinds even existed. I wanted to share this with you if you’re also looking for a window treatment option that’s affordable, easy to install, takes up less space than traditional window treatments and looks good.

Have you come across these blinds before? I’d love to hear your comments.


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