Wedding Planning Abroad – 10 Money saving tips

Wedding planning - Money saving tips

Having a wedding can easily turn into a costly event. It’s also very easy to get swept away by all the hype, excitement and the lure of all things “weddingey” 😉 If you’re planning a wedding abroad and have a budget to stick to then you may be thinking of ways to reduce costs. 

10 Money saving tips for weddings

  1. Consider a small and intimate wedding. If you would like to have a small wedding, don’t feel that you have to invite everyone. Remember this is your day as a couple and you want to spend it with people that mean something to you. Having a wedding abroad can also reduce the number of guests if it’s a destination wedding where all guests need to travel to get there.
  2. Choose a wedding venue that includes the chairs, table cloths, cutlery and crockery in the venue hire price.
  3. Keep the wedding simple and relaxed (unless that’s not the look or theme that you’re aiming for). Is it necessary to have all the formalities? This leads me to…
  4. Reduce wedding stationery costs. Is it necessary to have an Order of Service printed for all guests at the ceremony? Is it necessary to have table place names?
  5. Consider making your own wedding invitations. Pure Invitation allows you to create your own bespoke invitations with easy to assemble DIY kits and are reasonably priced too. Remember to take the cost of postage into consideration too. Otherwise you could also make electronic invitations using templates that you can download in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Or if you’re creative then you could design your own template too.
  6. Flowers at a wedding can get expensive. Choose simple, less expensive flowers that are in season. Consider reusing your floral displays from the ceremony in the reception area. A few days before the wedding I also emailed a few guests asking them to take a bouquet of flowers from one of the tables at the end of the night as a way of saying thank you. (In case you were wondering, these guests were either family, travelled far, helped out at the wedding or were part of the bridal party). Remember these flowers all get thrown away after the event so why not give them away instead. It also saves you having to go round to guests on the night of the wedding telling them to take flowers.
  7. If you’re looking for a simple and relaxed wedding dress then consider buying it from a high street retailer such as Monsoon. Or have a look at wedding dress outlets where you can find beautiful designer dresses for a fraction of the normal price. The London store is in Bromley which I can definitely recommend checking out: Remember if you manage to find a bargain dress but it doesn’t fit perfectly then you can always find a seamstress to do the alterations. You could also have your wedding dress made. If it’s a simple style with not too much detail then it should definitely cost less.
  8. A lot of people don’t like drinking champagne so rather than serving champagne we asked our MC to ensure that guests had a topped up drink for toasting.
  9. Consider a cash bar or limited bar. We decided on a limited bar so only certain spirits, mixers, wines and beers were included. We also provided bottles of red and white wine for the tables.
  10. If you’re flexible about colours and styles you could also ask your bridal party to pay for their own outfits if you think they won’t have an issue with this.

We didn’t use all of these tips but there are a few that we did follow. Hopefully some of these tips might help you too to save some money on this rather expensive day of your life. Are there any other tips that you know of that I haven’t mentioned. I’d love to hear in the comments.

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