Wedding Planning Abroad: Choosing wedding suppliers

Wedding planning abroad - Choosing wedding suppliers

Choosing wedding suppliers can be a little more challenging when you’re not in the same country as your planned wedding. Not being able to meet people and talk to them face to face means that you have to either trust your instinct or rely on word of mouth and recommendations.

In a previous post, Where to start with wedding planning abroad, I shared a wedding checklist that lists all the different wedding suppliers to think of.

I found it incredibly frustrating communicating over email with some wedding suppliers as some of them didn’t get back to me or their response wasn’t quick enough. Of course that just eradicated them from my list of possible suppliers… Hopefully some of these tips might make the choosing process a little less painful for you.

Tips for finding wedding suppliers abroad

  • If possible, use wedding suppliers that have been recommended or have good reviews or testimonials
  • If it’s possible to visit the wedding destination before the big day to see suppliers then this will help reduce stressing about the “unknown”
  • If you’re struggling to find or choose suppliers, a good place to find suppliers is on wedding photographers blogs. You’ll be able to get wedding venue ideas and sometimes supplier details of those that were used at previous weddings.
  • Contact at least 3 to 5 suppliers for quotes
  • Establish the quality of their service from the speediness and professionalism of their response.
  • International calling can be costly but if you have a low rates international SIM card then you could try calling them. Or find out if the wedding supplier is willing to have a Skype call with you.
  • Read the fine print and check what is included in the quote. Also compare quotes between the suppliers. Sometimes a bargain is not necessarily the best option.
  • Find out if your chosen wedding venue has a wedding coordinator included as part of their services. This makes things a lot easier because on the day this person becomes the go-to person and will also manage the different suppliers.
  • Save your inspiration pictures so that you can email them to wedding suppliers. It is much easier to share ideas and explain what you want with pictures than through words in an email. Words can often get lost in translation.
  • If you’re getting married in your home country get as much help as you can from people that you trust and are willing to help. If they know you well then they should have an idea of what you will like.

South African Wedding Suppliers

I thought I’d share the wedding suppliers I used for future South African brides that might be thinking of getting married in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It can be quite overwhelming and difficult to choose wedding suppliers particularly when you might feel as if people are less concerned about you because you’re not in the country or your wedding is still a while away. If you’ve done your research and followed your instinct with the decisions you’ve made then you will most likely have an amazing day! When the day comes, leave everything up to the wedding suppliers to play the role they were hired for while you concentrate on getting ready to marry the love of your life 😉

How did you choose your wedding suppliers for your destination wedding or wedding abroad? Did you have anyone to help you? I’d love to hear in the comments.


  1. Miriam @londonkitchendiaries
    8th August 2016 / 7:37 AM

    It certainly isn’t easy to find wedding suppliers for a wedding abroad – your tips are great though. I remember the difficulties we had when we planned our wedding in France. Thankfully it all worked out 🙂

    • 8th August 2016 / 8:06 AM

      Oooh nice! A wedding in France must’ve been beautiful 🙂 Yes, I had a lot of pain with finding suppliers too but it also all worked out in the end 😉

  2. 8th August 2016 / 8:29 AM

    I love weddings especially Indian ones due to my heritage. Have got to say that SA Indian weddings are phenomenal…I peruse the stunning pics at length some days! Great read!

    • 8th August 2016 / 9:52 AM

      Thanks! I’d love to attend an Indian wedding one day to experience the traditions and see all the colour and glamour etc 🙂

    • 16th August 2016 / 8:26 AM

      Indian weddings must be beautiful, traditional clothes. I love traditional clothes.

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