Overnight stay in Camber at The Gallivant

Camber beach2

In last week’s post about our day trip to Rye I mentioned that Rye was an hour train ride from Stratford International in London. After spending an enjoyable few hours in Rye we then made our way to Camber. I was really disappointed with the weather as I was hoping it would be a nice sunny day for the beach in Camber. I suppose it could’ve been worse – at least it wasn’t cold and pouring with rain! 😉

Camber is about a 15 minute drive from Rye. We decided to catch a taxi from Rye train station as that seemed like the easiest option. The taxi ride cost about £10 to the Gallivant Hotel in Camber where we were staying for the night.

There is also a bus stop outside Rye station where you can catch the 100 bus to the Camber Sands Holiday Park taking you straight to the beach. The bus fare cost £3.20 each. We discovered this when we couldn’t get hold of any taxi companies on Sunday morning when we wanted to leave Camber. (Yikes! Slight panic station!) Check out this link for the bus times for travel between Rye and Camber.

The Gallivant

Upon arrival at the newly renovated Gallivant Hotel we were instantly greeted by the relaxed, charming, beachy feel of the hotel. The hotel definitely felt like a place where you could spend a few days on a relaxing break.

The Gallivant - hotel key

Once we checked into our room and freshened up, we walked across the road to Camber Sands Beach. The soft sandy beach reminded me of good old South African beaches which I had yet to experience in the UK.

The tide was quite low and far out so we decided to head to the dunes and take photos of the landscape.

Camber beach4
I was kneeling down to take a photo of the view when this suddenly happened! 🙂

Camber beach1

I’d love to experience this beach again on a nice sunny day so we will definitely have to go back there!

We headed back to the hotel and then got ready for our dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The Gallivant Hotel restaurant is known for their good food so I was really looking forward to our evening food experience. We were not disappointed 🙂

The following morning the sun came out and the weather was warm and pleasant. Such a pity we weren’t staying for longer…

Before we checked out, I took a walk around the grounds of the hotel. I discovered the shingle garden which definitely called for more photos. Sigh, what a lovely peaceful place.

The Gallivant - garden sign

The Gallivant Pebble garden

I would definitely recommend a trip to both Rye and Camber. It is such an easy journey from London and it made us feel like we had a getaway even though it was just for one night. Have you been to Rye or Camber? Are there any other places in the UK that you’ve been to that made you feel like you had a mini break? I’d love to hear about it.

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