Wedding Planning Abroad: Wedding invitations

wedding invitation

Now that the wedding date and the venue has been chosen, the next step will be to let your guests know about your destination wedding! 

Tips to consider when planning your wedding invitations

  • Decide on the number of guests, draw up a main guest list, a second guest list and possibly a third list. If you’re having a destination wedding, it is possible that not everyone will be able to make it so the additional guest lists will help with this.
  • If you’ve decided on a wedding colour or theme then try to incorporate this with your wedding stationery – electronic or paper.
  • Send out save the dates well in advance if you’re planning a wedding abroad so that guests can start preparing for the travel costs.
  • Electronic save the dates and invitations work well for destination weddings so start collecting email addresses.
  • Store all the guests email addresses in your online address book. For example Gmail allows you to create groups of contacts. By grouping them you can easily use the name of the group in the recipient list which saves you having to retype email addresses.
  • Another popular option for letting guests know about the wedding details is to have a wedding website. This also allows them to RSVP through the site. (But don’t be surprised if there’s still some chasing up to do!)
  • The recommended time to send out invitations is about 6-8 weeks. I sent our invitations out about 3 months before.
  • If you’d like to go the old fashioned route with paper invitations you can also make your own if you’d like to save some money. I used a great company called Pure Invitation as they provide professional looking DIY invitations that just requires assembly. Remember to factor in the cost of postage too.
  • Also consider the time and effort it takes to make your own paper invitations. You want the invitations to look as professional as possible so to reduce mistakes and untidiness tackle it in a step by step process. I did this by creating my own “assembly line”.
  • If you’re making your own invitations, whether its electronic or paper, consider adding the following information:
    • Timings
    • RSVP date and contact details
    • Dress code
    • Map and directions to the venue
    • Overnight accommodation options if applicable
    • Dietary requirements
    • Gift registry/wedding presents – although this is a sensitive topic, it is up to your discretion. Remember when having a wedding abroad,transporting a lot of gifts can be a little more difficult.
  • Your wedding venue should be able to tell you the latest date that they require a final number of guests. The suggested RSVP date is 2 – 3 weeks before the wedding.

Managing the invitations and the guest list was another more stressful task for us. It’s possible that you may be disappointed with people that are unable to make it but try not to let this get you down. In the end, it all worked out well for us and we had an amazing day with the family and friends that were there. Hopefully the tips I’ve shared will help you when planning your wedding invitations 😉

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