Wedding Planning Abroad: Final thoughts

Wedding planning - Last Bits

Today’s post wraps up my wedding planning posts leading up to the day of the wedding. If you missed my previous posts, you can see the list here as well as my final thoughts below:

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Final thoughts for planning a wedding abroad

Bridesmaids dresses

Choosing bridesmaid dresses was another challenging task as I was keen to have my bridesmaids wearing the same colour. As I wasn’t in the country, my bridesmaids helped immensely by driving to suppliers, trying on dresses, taking photos, emailing them to me and sharing their opinions on the dresses. I decided on convertible wrap dresses so that they could all wear the same colour but style it differently. Initially I struggled to find a good supplier for these dresses in South Africa and the ones in the UK are quite pricey. Luckily I stumbled across the supplier I used in the end on a wedding photographers blog. If you’re planning a wedding in South Africa and are looking for bridesmaids dresses too then check out this company:

If you’re obsessed with detail – another thing to consider is the length of the dresses. Full length or short dresses? In my opinion, the full length dresses look more formal but that also depends on the theme of your wedding or the look that you’re aiming to achieve.

The least stressful option would be to decide on a colour and let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Or if you’re really relaxed about it then you could leave it up to them to choose a colour too 😉

Groomsmen’s outfits in my opinion are easier to resolve. You can either hire suits or buy them. Then it’s deciding on what colour suit you want them to wear and how will they tie in with the wedding theme. Sigh – men definitely have it easier!

Wedding music

Wedding music is another task that requires a bit of thinking and inspiration. Depending on your budget, think about whether you’d like to have a string quartet, live band or DJ at your wedding.

If you’re having a traditional wedding there may be many parts to the ceremony that you’ll need to think of music for. If as a couple you don’t have “a song” and you need ideas then a good place to start is by googling for wedding song ideas. You could also think of songs from favourite bands and singers.

A good DJ has an important role to play at a wedding. Try to choose a DJ that has been recommended or has good reviews. You want a DJ that can read the crowd and is able to play music that will keep people on the dance floor. In my opinion, I’ve always said good music, good food and a great crowd is what makes a great wedding!

Table Planning

Excel is a great tool for planning your table seating plan. This way you can easily “move” guests names around from one table to another while planning and finalizing the seating arrangements.

So that now brings me to the end of my posts leading up to the wedding. Hopefully the posts I have shared with you have been useful and have given you some “food for thought” on planning a wedding abroad. Watch this space for my final post next week in this Wedding Planning Abroad series talking about the Big Day!

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