the cancer fight

In May 2015, my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. My whole world felt like it came crumbling down. It just seemed so unfair that my Mom, my hero, had now become a victim of this terrible terrible disease. I soon became an obsessed cancer research person – reading people’s blogs, researching methods/options on treating cancer, speaking to people, reading books, finding out about lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, Google, Google and more Google!

I have always been very scared to read anything about cancer. But I needed to understand and know more about it to be able to give my Mom any help, support, advice and suggestions to help her fight this disease.

As I live in the UK and my parents live in South Africa, I can unfortunately only give emotional and spiritual support. I am incredibly thankful for technology as I immediately formed a Whatsapp group with my Mom and our family. We use this group to give my Mom support while she’s sitting at chemo, send her funny jokes, positive affirmations and updates on how she’s doing, feeling etc.

Whilst researching for all things related to cancer, I sometimes couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. This encouraged me to start “whatudidntknow” as a collection point for all my findings on cancer and other topics of interest.

Please be aware that the information in my posts are conclusions and opinions that I have come to from the research I have done. This is not medical advice so if you do wish to follow some of my suggestions then please consult your doctor first.


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